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EYE Lash Glue

EYE Lash Glue

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Pierce the top or slightly cut to get the product out, it is completely sealed to keep it in the best condition before being properly opened and used.

This glue is an wholesale glue, a cheaper option for my customers on a budget!

How to use/apply lash glue:

this is how I personally apply my own lashes....
To begin with I check if the lash needs slightly cutting to fit my eye better, if you need to do so cut from the outer corner to keep the shape of the lashes...
When I apply the glue I make sure it isn’t loads, a little bit goes a far way, make sure you have more on the corners of the band, I then wait AT LEAST 30 seconds / 1 minute, let that glue go tacky a lil bit...
When I apply the lash, I focus on the middle first, pressing it down for a couple seconds, I then do the same with the inner corner and finally the outer corner... I then finally press the lashes with my natural lashes underneath to keep them secure!


Please be aware that shipping can take 7-14 days.

Useful Information

Please read the ingredients (on the box) and patch test all products 24hrs before use. We are not responsible for any reactions caused.

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