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PRE ORDER Meggi Lashes 24pcs Christmas Book (read description)

PRE ORDER Meggi Lashes 24pcs Christmas Book (read description)

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PRE ORDER ONLY - it will be shipped on or before the 10th December with 48hr tracked Royal Mail!

Please be aware that any other products purchased will be shipped at the same time as the book! 

You guys sold out the 24 day advent calendar, so we have turned it into a book!!

WORTH £100+

all you need to know about the 24pcs mixed products Christmas book...

if you got last year's 24 day calendar there is only 5 items that are the same - this consists of 3 pairs of lashes, a lash glue & a lipliner. All products I personally would re purchase anyway! 

This book does consist of products we already sell on our website, unreleased products and also limited edition products.

This book is the same as the 24 day calendar but is completely different to our 12 day lash & 12 day no lash calendar... meaning you won't get any EXACT duplicates!! Only products that are similar are the glues (however I have chosen different ones) & other products that maybe the same but different colours - who doesn't love to collect? And you always need multiples of everything!

DISCLAIMER - we are about to give a brief description of items in the book, please stop reading if you want it to be a COMPLETE SUPRISE!!




I'm now going to give you queens a debrief of what products you will be receiving without being exact - I do not want to ruin the element of Surprise for anybody! 

door 1 - 24:

1) LIMITED EDITION Lip gloss Keychain 

2) NEW Lash style

3) Product we already sell - Curlers

4) Popular shade of Lipliner we sell (I wear this eveyday)

5) Most popular Amber collection lash we sell

6) Popular cluster lashes we sell (gold collection)

7) Popular normal lip gloss we sell

8) Popular natural lash style we sell (pink collection)

9) NEW Lash style

10) Possibly the best product out of all calendars... UNRELEASED - Meggi Mist (FULL SIZE)

11) Popular lash style from the gold collection

12) Popular Lip gloss keychain colour/scent

13) Another popular lash style from the gold collection... bringing all the extension styles

14) Lash glue full size (might not be clear), we already sell this... Chloe's fave (if you know, you know)

15) Something to stick number 6 on with... oh and something to seal them as well

16) Is a fan fave medium style lash we sell (it's a treat from the white collection)

17) Maybe a certain tool to help you stick on 6 & 15... in my fave colour obvs x

18) THIS IS STUNNING it's a lip oil BUT it's a NEW FLAVOUR zestyyyyyyy

19) What year is it? A popular lash from the Amber collection

20) Cutest diddy thing to pat your concealer out with - get the no lash calendar to get another one in a different colour

21) Another lash we sell from the cat collection

22) What year was it last year? A popular lash from the DJ collection

23) A new lippy

24) NEW cute lash - the name is to reminisce on the past year and how far you have come.

I hope you guys have had the best year!

-Meggi xx 


Please be aware that shipping can take 7-14 days.

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