All Eyelashes

All Eyelashes


    At Meggi Lashes, we supply the best false eyelashes in various styles for all people and all looks. Check out below to see the different lashes and have fun exploring all our different products.

    It doesn't matter what "wow factor" the different ads for mascara promise, there’s no substitute for using great, premium quality false eyelashes.

    By adding a couple of fluffy false eyelashes to finish off your make-up, you can really help add that extra “oomph” to your look.

    Our false eyelashes are easy to apply, and we have many different styles to choose from, so whatever you need, we have you covered.

    Lashes To Keep An Eye On

    At Meggi Lashes, we have you covered for a variety of different lash styles and looks!

    • Glam Lashes: Our excellent range of glam lashes are perfect for achieving a statement eye look, for all sorts of special occasions or for the everyday diva that goes all out no matter the time! Long, voluminous, and so easy to apply.
    • Long Lashes: Your answer to perfect long, wispy false eyelashes that sit lightly on your lash line. These lashes are a hot favourite with everyone who loves length over volume, with so many different styles to choose from.
    • Natural Lashes: If you’re looking for a subtle little something to your eyes, our natural false eyelashes are ideal. Suitable for everyday wear, our natural false eyelashes also come in black and brown colours.

    Great False Lashes That are Affordable

    We know you look to experiment with different styles and looks, so why don't you look at the subsections below to get an idea of what would suit you. Explore loads of false eye lash designs and be assured that these high-quality false lashes are well-made but cost-effective.

    Our eyelashes are made from the highest quality faux mink. They might be super affordable, but you'll find they're just as good quality, if not better, than some brands that charge much more.

    We keep costs down as much as we can, and we always try to go easier on your bank account. We have a brilliant selection of the best false eyelashes that complement your natural lashes to get you the look you want instantly.

    Vegan Eyelashes

    We're all proud here at Meggi Lashes to say we only stock cruelty-free false eyelashes. We never stock any eyelashes with animal ingredients that come from animal experiments. We want you to look good in vegan false eyelashes, and we want you to rock your style with a clear conscience.

    Aside from cruelty-free lashes, we're also committed to the environment, which is why we recycle and are always looking at ways to improve our carbon footprint.

    Contact us

    Do you have any questions about our products? We'd be delighted to speak to you and help you find a product that suits you well. Just get in touch with us, and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.