Colour your lips and show off a dazzling, perfect smile thanks to our signature lipsticks and lip glosses. We’ve chosen the perfect liquid lipstick shades to complement your choice in false lashes, half lashes, and make-up!

    Our liquid lipsticks give lips an intense and long-lasting colour. The creamy texture gives a comfortable and soft feeling. Perfect lipstick for a killer smile that no one can resist!  All in a fantastic range of colours that are wearable and match perfectly with so many different makeup styles.

    Want your lips to look lush and irresistible? You can start with our lipgloss! Combine Meggi Lashes lipsticks with our signature lip gloss. The nourishing formula in our lipgloss is non-sticky and gives you the perfect, kiss-proof lips for hours.

    Our lipsticks are a perfect addition to your make-up bag, in a range of vivid colours that will really help your lips stand out. Is there anything we can’t do? We don’t think so!

    Our Signature Products

    Let's take a look at three of our products from the lip range to give you an idea of where we're at. We’re really proud of all the products we have released within this range. Take a look at some of them:

    On Top Matte Liquid Lipstick: This matte liquid lipstick provides a super pigmented colour to really make your lips stand out. It has a fast-drying formula that does not transfer or smudge, all without drying your lips out due to the moisturising formula.

    Pretty Pie Lipgloss: Our Pretty Pie is the perfect top-coat lip gloss with a slight pink tinge to the shine. Glossy and kissable lips have never been easier to achieve. It works beautifully on its own in providing long-lasting shine.

    Mini Lipgloss Key Chain: Don't forget that lipgloss! Well, how could you when it's attached to a cute keychain? So smart! It attaches perfectly to any bags or keys, so you can have it on hand wherever you go. The pink transfers into a sheer colour, providing a subtle pink tint to your lips.

    Delivery And Customer Satisfaction

    We offer free delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom! For any international shipping there is a charge at checkout.

    If you chose the wrong item or would like it replaced, just send it back unopened within 14 days, and we'll get that changed for you. We cannot accept any opened packages due to hygiene reasons. We’re always on hand to make sure you’re happy with your order.

    Happy you, happy Meggi!

    We always recommend patch testing our products 24 hours before using them fully, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Should any irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

    Wanna Talk About It?

    Everyone's got their own style, and we want to be instrumental in helping you achieve that. We've got loads of products, and maybe you're not sure what look would suit you, or there's a product you have a particular question about.

    Just send us an email and our wonderful team will get back to you as soon as we can.