Lash Books & Trios

Lash Books & Trios


    If you simply can’t decide on which false eyelash set to get, why not get one of our false lash sets? Our sets are full of our customer favourites and by getting a set, it means you’ll always have a few lash sets to choose from.

    Whether you’re simply making sure you’re always stocked up with your favourite false lashes, or wanting a few different styles for different occasions, our false lash sets are a must.

    We’re also super proud to say that our books and trios are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that our lashes are doing their bit for the planet. So why not try our lash sets? It means you’ll never have to worry if you lose the one pair you have!

    Popular Eyelash Books & Trios

    Our books are a great choice for those who love to have a few options or those who want to try a few different styles. The Meggi Lash book contains 16 pieces and is the ultimate collection for the eyelash-lover. We also have fun ‘crisps’ packs in salt & vinegar, ready salted, onion or prawn cocktail, you choose the flavour!

    We also have a large choice of lash trios, so you’re never out of your favourite lash style. If you prefer bolder styles, get our Meggie or Pigeon trios. Looking for something more subtle? We got you covered with our popular Natural Hoe or Baby Hoe sets.

    Need something to store all your lashes? We have an empty lash book for that!

    Vegan & Cruelty Free Eyelash Sets

    All the false lashes in our sets are entirely vegan, and animal testing and animal ingredients are entirely at odds with the values of Meggi Lashes.

    We think you can get the gorgeous look that suits you whilst respecting animals with whom we share this precious earth - that’s why we're a cruelty free brand.

    We are constantly working to decrease our environmental footprint so that whatever you buy, you know we are on your side when it comes to green-friendly business.

    So whenever you need to sparkle up those eyes and bring out your natural colour with vegan eyelash sets.

    Reach Out For Help

    If you have any questions about any of our products or would like any advice, just drop us a message and we will get back to you. We’re always here to help, and want to make sure we help you solve any problems.