How To Put On False Eyelashes For Beginners Without Tweezers

How To Put On False Eyelashes For Beginners Without Tweezers

Putting on false eyelashes can be a challenging process for anyone that has never done so before. And applying false eyelashes is important to get right for eye health and your natural eyelash health. Getting it wrong can damage both. 

While this beginner-friendly guide will go over how to apply false eyelashes without tweezers, it is highly recommended that you do use tweezers for a variety of reasons.


Why Should You Use Tweezers?

Using tweezers is always recommended for various reasons:

  • It prevents dirt or grit from getting into or around your eye, so it is better for hygiene reasons.
  • It provides more stability for applying your lashes correctly.
  • They allow for more accurate lash adjustments to be made in the process of applying the false lashes to your eyelid.
  • They prevent the lashes and adhesive from slipping, potentially into your eye.
  • They don’t obstruct your line of sight for the application of the lashes themselves.

Tweezers, if you have a pair, should always be used for the correct application and for optimal results. If you don’t, don’t worry! Follow the next steps to apply your lashes.


Our Step-By-Step Guide for Applying Without Tweezers

If you don’t want to use tweezers or don’t have a pair to use, and applying false lashes without tweezers is your only option, this is what you should do:


Step One: Sanitise

Always make sure that you clean your hands, the lashes, and your face before applying your lashes. If you have applied makeup such as eyeliner or eye shadow beforehand, then be sure to wash your face carefully.

Ensuring everything is clean is paramount to avoid any dirt or grit getting into your eyes.


Step Two: Apply The Lash Glue

Take your chosen lash glue and apply it carefully to the inside curve of your false lashes. Do not apply the adhesive to your eyelid. Only apply a thin layer of the glue to the curved side of your false lashes; too much can cause adhesive to overspill onto your eyelid or into your eye.

If you do get lash glue in your eye, wash your eye for up to fifteen minutes – and no less than five minutes - with lukewarm water.  


Step Three: Apply The False Lashes

Start by sticking the false lash to the middle of your eyelid, just above your natural lashes. Try to get the false lashes as close to your natural lashes as you can by sticking them to your natural lashes.


Step Four: Tweak The Lash Edges Into Place

After the lashes have been applied to the middle of the eyelid, gently tweak and tug both corners of the lash into place. Line the lash up with the corners of your eye and ensure the lashes curve to fit the shape of your eyelid.


Repeat Steps One To Four

Now all you need to do is repeat steps one to four for your other eye. After both lashes are firmly in place, give them time to dry. Most glues take around a minute or two to dry and fix in place. 


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