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Discontinuing/Damaged Scoops (READ DESCRIPTION)

Discontinuing/Damaged Scoops (READ DESCRIPTION)

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 PLEASE NOTE - you may receive damaged items. For example lash led cases that can still be used but lights do not work.

Damaged packaging and so forth PLEASE bare this in mind when purchasing.


scoops can contain a variety of different clearance products. You may get duplicates or multiple items in your scoops, rare damaged items. 

£20 is one scoop which includes minimum 7 items

£35 is two scoops which includes minimum 14 items 

£48 is three scoops which includes minimum 21 items 



Please be aware that shipping can take 7-14 days.

Useful Information

Please read the ingredients (on the box) and patch test all products 24hrs before use. We are not responsible for any reactions caused.

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